Having followed the Vancouver Real Estate market closely for years and having successfully managed my own portfolio of investment properties I am confident in helping everyone, from the new to the saavy investor, find the right fit for both short term and long term goals.  With experience working in condo pre-sales and experience holding and managing investment properties my depth of knowledge when it comes to investing in Vancouver is expansive. 


If you are interested in a cash flow positive property, a long term hold or a quick buy and flip please give me a call and let’s start the search together! Call 604-363-7858


Current Market Example:

Purchase Price:                                                           $320,000

Down Payment (20%):                                                      $64,000
Property Transfer Tax:                                                      $4,400
Inspection of Property and Lawyer Fees:                        $1,000


Potential Monthly Cash Flow                                              $1,800


Mortgage Payment (3%)                                                    $1,211
Strata fees                                                                           $200
Property Tax                                                                        $125
Property Management                                                        $144


Cash Flow                                                                       $120/Month

Casey Archibald
Cell: 604-363-7858
Maggie McNulty
Cell: 778-899-6139